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Client testimonials

Re-inventing myself from an image perspective with Nicoletta was a delightful experience. Nicoletta knows her job and does it well in an efficient and helpful manner. It acted as a confidence boost and I feel I got out of it looking great without betraying my personality. I have no doubt that it will help me personally and professionally: thank you Nicoletta!


CG, Professional Services Senior Executive


We have been so happy working with Nicoletta.  She has helped develop a much clearer understanding amongst our employees about what impression they are making and how to improve their personal style and communication.  She is not afraid to tackle difficult topics and shares her expertise with huge kindness.  Her suggestions for improvements are always tailored sensitively to the budget and scope that is possible for each individual.  She has quickly become an important part of the induction process for our company and I believe her services are something that make us stand out as a good employer. 


Victoria Cecil, Head of HR - Operis 

Nicoletta organised a fabulous client event for my firm at the Max Mara flagship store in Bond Street, London. We all received fantastic styling tips and enjoyed our shopping under the brilliant guidance of Nicoletta, whilst enjoying lovely champagne and delicious canapés! We can’t wait for another event with Nicoletta and can’t recommend her enough! Thank you!


Alexandra Rodina, Partner – Kennedy’s Law


Nicoletta is totally professional and at the same great fun to shop with. We had an excellent and very successful day together shopping for work clothes, suits and casual clothes. It was such fun that my son and I then spent a day with Nicoletta shopping for my son's clothes. Nicoletta adapted expertly to the very different needs of the two generations. I can strongly recommend her. 


Julian Davies, Partner - Linklaters 

Nicoletta was the stylist at my Ultimate Makeover event which I held in London at The Montcalm Hotel.  50-60 ladies attended and Nicoletta discussed colours, styles, hints and tips for wearing particular items of clothing, what works and what doesn’t and more importantly how we don’t have to be phased by the latest fashions.  Nicoletta is incredibly knowledgeable and an expert at what she does.  The feedback from the ladies that attended was fantastic and I have no hesitation in recommending her for events or personal consultations.


Dame Emma-Jane Brown, EJB Events


I’d had a consultation with Nicoletta a while ago and got in touch with her again because I wanted some advice for a special event I was involved in. I do a lot of public speaking and I was organising a conference and awards dinner and I was also presenting a paper at the conference. Nicoletta gave me advice on what to wear throughout the conference and I looked absolutely perfect each day and received loads of compliments on every outfit. While she was with me, she also helped me update my wardrobe pointing out some pieces which weren't really suitable and also reminding me of some important colours for me which I’d forgotten. It proved that it’s not just my car that needs a regular MOT. I’ll be regularly checking in with Nicoletta from now on.


Lorraine – Consultant, London


Nicoletta is an incredibly knowledgeable and efficient image consultant. After just a few hours consultation and a shopping trip, it feels like I hardly need to open my mouth again, my style does the talking. If you care about your business image, my suggestion is to book an appointment with her now!



Marie Manandise - Web Developer

Nicoletta was absolutely fantastic…she showed me what suits and doesn’t suit my figure and explained the reason behind it, including shoes and bags. We stood in front of the mirror so that I could actually see for myself what she was saying was true and I certainly could see the difference. She made up several outfits for me from my existing clothes and incorporated several pairs of shoes that had been languishing. I now know how to put together an outfit, what the accessories should be…the very next day I was meeting up with a friend and followed Nicoletta’s principles and my friend remarked that I looked stunning and this was using my existing wardrobe and I always felt I had nothing to wear!! No longer will I impulse buy and will only buy items that work for my figure…thank you so much Nicoletta…


Sarah, aged 58 - London

Thank you so much for a fantastic shopping experience! I had very limited time as I came from Russia to London on a business trip - yet in a few hours that we had I managed to buy much more than I would've done in a week by myself! You made me try things that I would never have chosen myself and yet they fit me amazingly! I will be recommending you to my Russian friends and I hope to have more time with you next time I am in London! 

Angela, Lawyer - Vladivostok 


I just wanted to write and say a massive thank you for all your help and advice last week (Personal Shopping trip). I had such a brilliant time and now feel much more confident in choosing things for myself! 

Louisa - London 


I have never enjoyed shopping for clothes and when a friend mentioned the stunning transformation of a business colleague, I decided to contact the person responsible, Nicoletta. It proved to be a rewarding experience, both in fitting me with a great new look, but more importantly in the education it provided for future shopping. I now have a clear idea of what works for my body type, including the importance of using flattering colours. I have had also the courage to remove all unsuitable clothes from my cupboard and learned how to use the remainder in a more updated way. Nicoletta showed great patience and professionalism throughout not forgetting a good sense of humour. My husband’s word when he came back seeing me in my new look summarised it: stunning!

FG - Lawyer, Kensington


Having never used a personal shopper before I was quite nervous about it and had some crazily wrong ideas about the entire experience. I have always just picked what caught my eye, never planning a seasonal wardrobe, spent money throughout the year on clothes and still complained that I had nothing to wear. Then I had my personal shopping experience with Nicoletta and WOW! I love shopping but this is nothing like the shopping I have done before. It was brilliant! I had a limited budget but Nicoletta worked with that and really saw my style and how to make the budget fit within what I liked. I walked out with numerous outfits and had so much fun seeing all the different styles and colors from so many brands that worked on me that I immediately wanted to book another appointment with her. Since then I have had so many compliments on how great I look and that's all thanks to Nicoletta. So I can say this - I will not be going shopping again without Nicoletta and I can't imagine that I have gone this long in my life without having her helping me with my wardrobe. Now I feel like a million bucks! Thanks a million Nicoletta, you've made a world of difference.


Rhonda Hudson, Independent MonaVie Distributor


Thanks Nicoletta for helping me be more of myself. I feel ready to conquer the world!! Looking forward to further opportunities with you in the future. Highly recommended! 


Corinne Morris - Solo Concert Cellist 

I had lost sight of my own style, both in and out of the office and spent a lot of energy presenting what I imagined to be a professional image in a demanding job so I contacted Nicoletta to help me address the situation and rediscover my love for clothes and their ability to reflect my style and attitude. Nicoletta acted as a professional guide. She pointed me away from colours that made me look and feel tired and uptight and back towards colours, styles and details that brought out my best features. Most valuable was that she was able to show me where I was already going right in my choices and why and demystify the whole process for me. She was kind, patient, positive and knowledgeable. I am now able to go shopping and enjoy the experience, knowing that I have the tools to make good decisions. The pressure is off and the fun is back! This was an education and I would recommend it to anyone. 

Kate, Lawyer - London


My personal shopping experience with Nicoletta was fantastic. She has a real eye for what looks good on people and was excellent at encouraging me to step outside of my comfort zone and try different styles that I wouldn’t normally go for. This really paid off and I’m very happy with the purchases I made and have enjoyed wearing them. Nicoletta dedicates herself completely, is very subtle but effective in her approach and nature and isn’t pushy in any way. I had a real buzz at the end of the shopping experience and would definitely consider using Nicoletta again next time I need to revamp my wardrobe. 


Irene - London 


Wearing a headscarf was the easiest decision I had to make, but deciding on what to wear every morning was such a gruelling task. I honestly started to lose confidence. Meeting Nicoletta was the best decision I've ever made! She helped me dress appropriately stylish for my age in a feminine and modern way, at the same time conforming to my religious standards. No jumble up of colours or a mishmash of fabrics anymore! It's more than money well spent because you'll make a friend to such a kind-hearted, lovely, and stylish woman. 

Reem - Interior Designer 


Thank you, Nicoletta, for your enthusiasm and positive advice. I was very pleased with the session and am now very excited to start finding the pieces I need to complete my collection. I really do feel much more confident about my shopping. Tired of adding the wrong clothes to my wardrobe, you have helped me to see what I do and don't need to get my wardrobe fully functional.


Ann Phillpot - Consultant


Nicoletta changed my life! I had in any event lost my way with my appearance, and then following a period of profound personal upheaval and professional change, Nicoletta shopped with me for a particular occasion, and carried out a colour consultation and a very challenging wardrobe sort. This is the best money I have ever spent on myself in my life. Better than a week at a spa, better than counselling, my confidence has been increased beyond measure and I can’t thank Nicoletta enough. 


PM, Lawyer


I really enjoyed discovering my matches through Nicoletta's colour analysis session and have been digesting the information I gained ever since. I am already starting to implement Nicoletta's advice and expertise into my costume selections and am very thankful for her kind, honest and thoughtful approach. Thank you so much!


Fleur Estelle - Fleur Estelle Belly Dance School


You made me feel accepted, more confident and more beautiful and I really appreciated how you understood my character and my needs: the advice you gave me makes me feel completely at ease in every situation and this in particular is invaluable for my work.

Chiara Francioli, Interior Designer, London/Florence

I found the whole styling and shopping experience enjoyable and have since found dressing for work (as well as my spare time) much less stressful. I now understand what I can wear that also reflects my personality and femininity. Thank you very much.


Penny Copleston – Project Manager 

The whole process was thoroughly enjoyable.   I have rediscovered clothes that I have not worn for years (or have never worn at all!), using them differently and pairing them with new items that Nicoletta found for me.   I thought the whole process was only about giving things to the charity shop and buying new, but Nicoletta makes it a wardrobe transformation!   I have had many compliments (some from complete strangers) on my 'new' look and would definitely recommend Nicoletta to anyone who opens an overfull wardrobe and cannot find anything they want to wear in it!


Niki Pratt - London

I recently attended Nicoletta's "Brand You" workshop and can wholeheartedly recommend it, both for people that know nothing about image consulting and for people that already have some knowledge. I fall into the latter category and still learned many new things. Whether you are an employee, self-employed or a boss, people will be judging you by your appearance. You cannot afford to not invest in this workshop. 


Nikki Anderson - Rejuvanessence® TherapistNatural Facelift Brighton 

Nicoletta is a great person to spend time with. She is positive and kind. I have greater confidence and self acceptance since our time together. Before I was often uncertain, but now I feel great about myself and good things have been happening to me because of it. I am so glad I made the decision to see her. Before it was hard, but now I find it easy to walk into any clothing store and quickly find something to suit me. Nicoletta found specific colors that make me feel good and look great with my skin and features. In working with my body she found the best ways to accentuate my good points and improve anything else. It was very encouraging to learn from her exactly how color and style choices could change my appearance. I could see the change instantly. I was also amazed at how using accessories could help balance my proportions. Now I feel very comfortable with myself and when I walk around I can see that people notice me in a different way. 


Dana Pietrusiak - Chicago 

Nicoletta was incredibly flexible and helpful - all at the last minute. During the Colour/Style consultation, she had a very systematic and kind approach, and within a short period managed to completely over-turn a few time-hardened ideas about how I should dress. We then followed up with an incredibly intensive afternoon of shopping. Nicoletta had clearly done her research and her clear and decisive attitude meant that I was able to learn even more clearly what worked and what didn't and more importantly why. Nicoletta is very passionate about what she does and was very respectful of my real requirements, completely in keeping with the information she had from me on what I liked, what I wanted to look like and what felt comfortable on me. She was able to push me out of my comfort zone, but in a way that felt exciting and fun. I never at any time felt as if I was being pushed to "dress up" in such a way as to look like someone's idea of what I should look like. It really felt as if it was all about using clothing and dressing to more clearly present who I was. Since my consultation, I've managed to go on shopping trips to fill gaps with great results. The most interesting thing is that when I remember Nicoletta's advice and tips, it's successful, whereas when I don't, it doesn't work. Before I would have bought things that didn't quite work, thinking that they would magically become better. Now I have the confidence to decide that this is not the case, and return them. I also wear very regularly most of what I bought during our shopping trip together because it makes me feel comfortable, stylish and generally great :-) 

CW (female), Director - Czech Republic 

Taking the colour and style consultation with you has been inspiring and most of all great fun! I really wish to thank you for the pleasant experience, it was a great surprise that I was actually wearing the perfect colour palette... but for someone else! Before I met you, shopping was a tiring, stressing experience which I tried to avoid by all means but now... I only wish I had more time for it! You made me feel accepted, more confident and more beautiful and I really appreciated how you understood my character and my needs at a first glance: the advice you gave me makes me feel completely at ease in every situation and this in particular is invaluable for me. I really look forward to seeing you again for some shopping to consolidate what I have learnt and to enjoy your lively, enthusiastic company! (Not to mention your helpfulness and patience which have been immeasurable with me and all my endless commitments!)

Chiara Francioli, Interior Designer – London/Florence
Thank you for your lovely follow up on my consultation. I appreciate it very much! I enjoyed the consultation and feel more secure in what I should be looking for! The detailed evaluation was really useful. Hope to be able to use your shopping services in the near future either in London or Milano.

Rita, Consultant - Geneva 
For 24 years I absolutely hated shopping and felt that I 'lost' my identity when it comes to clothing. Shopping trips were a necessary nightmare and I often bought clothes which never felt good and didn't compliment my figure. I took the full package: the colour and style consultation was amazing and enlightening, you went through my wardrobe and gave me a lot of tips about styles, colour combinations, accessories etc. We then went shopping and contrary to the years of frustration while shopping, the experience was tremendously positive. I learned what to look for and not to become confused by the huge choice of colours and styles offered in the shops. All this was done with a lot of patience, good humour and support and a real passion for what you do. I totally trusted you and found your advice very sound. I was also impressed by how you listened to what I like and how you adjusted your advice according to my wishes. You worked in a creative and supportive way and created a whole new wardrobe for me with a few different outfits as a base, all interchanging and reasonably priced. I've been on a few business trips since the consultation and travelling has become much easier with the mix and match outfits. I couldn't help but admire your energy and dedication. You were totally there for me, listening to my thoughts, requests, ideas, likes and dislikes. You helped me without dictating and the result is that I look different but I'm still me, I look "put together" and feel fabulous. I now love what I wear and the way I look: it's an amazing feeling. Shopping has turned from a horrible and hated experience into a fun and fulfilling activity which is not time consuming at all. Thank you so much - what a difference you made to me and the way I feel about myself!

Dalia Hartman Bergsagel - Nikken Wellness Consultant 
Thank you so much for a wonderful day (Colour and Wardrobe Consultation). You have really inspired me. It’s like ending a bad relationship- you've clung on to something you know drains you and when you let go you feel relief and freedom! You were very kind with me- I felt safe in what is a very exposing but rejuvenating process. I have had since a very successful trip to the shops: shopping was so easy- I simply knew straight away what not to buy- makes it a much more enjoyable experience! Thank you!

Lou Hamilton – Filmmaker/ Photographer 
Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the training sessions you have conducted recently with our teams in London. Your experience in styling and passion for the DAKS brand really made these sessions unlike any other. From the very beginning you engaged every member of the team and they were really able to see the relevance in the information you were sharing with them. You were able to identify what areas may need the most attention by listening and reacting to their comments and concerns. Through this you earned their trust and respect. The feedback from every member of the team has been overwhelmingly positive. For me, it is the time that you took preparing for the training sessions that was most impressive. I feel that you listened to our requirements and tailored the training to incorporate our needs. You always brought the training back to the Brand. It was this kind of attention to detail that made a difference for me. You left the teams re-focused, re-energised and excited about what they can achieve. I couldn’t be happier with the results!

Pamela Meier, Retail Operations Manager, DAKS LTD - London 
I'd already had my colour and style done before meeting Nicoletta, however, there's always something new to learn when it comes to fashion. One of the things I was still unclear about was how to dress for my body shape. I'd been given some guidelines in a booklet, but there's nothing like standing in front of a mirror, with somebody else showing you exactly what looks good and what doesn't and why - which is what Nicoletta did for me when she came around for a wardrobe de-cluttering. I realised I'd still been getting it wrong and that I still needed help. We got rid of what didn't work and made a list of what I needed to round off and complete what was left. For my personal shopping day, Nicoletta found every single item on that list, all at very reasonable prices. She certainly is a clever shopper and very good at what she does. I also like the way she's creative rather than prescriptive when it comes to fashion. It's not about sticking to a list of rules, it's more about keeping in mind certain principles and guidelines. I recommend her without hesitation - she will save you time, she will save you heaps of money, you will look fantastic and you will feel great! 

Nikki Anderson, London
Shortly before I was due to return to work from maternity leave, I contacted Nicoletta to book a colour consultation and shopping trip. I had seen the results of my cousin’s day spent shopping with Nicoletta and was really impressed with the style, colour and mix of clothes that my cousin returned home with. I had very little in my wardrobe for Nicoletta to work with so it was a matter of getting enough basics to get me through my working week. I knew I needed a lot of items but I didn’t want to spend money on mistakes. I wanted to return to work feeling confident and looking great and I didn’t think I could achieve that on my own. I learnt a lot from the colour consultation. I completely agreed with Nicoletta’s ideas on what colours suited me and how I could wear them. I feel inspired to have a palette of colours that I love to choose from and ideas on how I can put them together. In retrospect, having the colour consultation has saved me a lot of time when shopping as I can now walk into a store and immediately discount clothes that are in colours that won’t suit me. I have worn everything that I bought on the shopping trip and have received a lot of compliments from my work colleagues. I feel a lot more confident in my new clothes and I find myself wanting to go shopping whereas before I dreaded heading out to the shops as I would often return home empty-handed. Now that I have the basics sorted I am really looking forward to being able to add to my wardrobe over time and only wish I had started this process earlier. 

KW, Lawyer

One of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time! Stuck in a rut, with an ageing wardrobe, I was in desperate need of inspiration. I hadn’t been clothes shopping for myself in a very long time; the thought filled me with dread. After an initial colour and style consultation (offering honest but sincere feedback), things started to take shape and I felt that intuitively Nicoletta knew what type of clothes I should be wearing, not just to fit my lifestyle but also my personality. A follow-up shopping trip proved this beyond doubt. I now have a wardrobe of great clothes, that fit all my personal and professional needs and Nicoletta has proven you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort and practicality (critical for me as someone who travels weekly). Nicoletta also managed to maximize the budget by cleverly balancing a few key investment pieces with plenty of budget-friendly, good quality basics. The impact on my self-confidence has been instant and instead of dreading the thought of shopping, I can’t wait for the next season to roll around so I can have an excuse to indulge all over again. 

KC, Marketing Manager
I have a client-facing job in the city and my wardrobe was dominated by dark suits and white shirts and very little else. I was struggling as to how to look professional whilst still enjoying what I wore…. Nicoletta’s advice was invaluable – she suggested different combinations and use of coloured tops and scarves which have really modernised and brightened my look. She also recommended alterations to several items I hadn’t worn in ages to improve their fit. She was totally honest without being critical and my now slimmed down wardrobe is much more manageable. I am looking forward to going shopping with Nicoletta next time I need some new clothes!

KC, city investment firm
I'd always found that shopping for clothes was synonymous with wasting precious time and good money on things that made me feel uncomfortable. Both socially and physically. High heels I couldn't walk in and skirts that just weren't me! I was a rebel without a clue and clearly a remedial case. A friend recommended Nicoletta and, not knowing what I was letting myself in for, I thought I'd give it a shot. After my style consultation I sent a list of occasions I'd like outfits for: work (smart casual), dancing, parties, clubs etc. Obviously an expert in her field, Nicoletta is also a good listener and perceptive - at the end of our 6 hour shopping trip I had a set of clothes that suited me physically, suited my personality and suited the places I wanted to go. What more could you ask for? I picked up a few tricks of the trade along the way and have attracted quite a few compliments. Wouldn't have thought it possible - very impressed.

B, NHS worker
Thank you so much for two fantastic sessions (wardrobe assessment and personal shopping)!! I decided to treat myself before going back to work after the birth of my second child and having searched the net came across Nicoletta's website. Having reviewed all the testimonials in the "Are We Good" section I decided to arrange an appointment with Nicoletta. To my absolute horror I discovered that for years I had been wearing ill-fitted suits and oversized shirts. That must have been the reason for me not enjoying what I was wearing for work. Shopping for office clothes was always a chore! Well, not anymore! Nicoletta was amazing! I was told what I needeed for my "wear everything and enjoy it" wardrobe. Nicoletta told me what was right and what was so wrong for me and why. She did find some gems in my wardrobe and came up with unexpected and brilliant combinations I would never have thought of. Shopping day was great! We ended up way below my budget and buying many more clothes that I thought was physically possible in 4 hours. It has been two weeks since my shopping, I am still buzzing with excitement and have recommended Nicoletta to all my friends, even the ones overseas. Thank you once again!

Maria - City Law Firm
I called Nicoletta for help because my wardrobe was stuck in a rut and I had lost my way in terms of dressing for work and achieving the look I wanted. Nicoletta was incredibly patient whilst I explained what I was hoping for. There were many aspects of Nicoletta's expertise that I found invaluable: 1 - she explained the rationale for all her recommendations and really supported me to understand the shape, style and colours of clothes that would work best for me. 2 - she doesn't pay any attention to clothing labels - I thought this was great because she explained that an expensive piece of clothing can look really cheap if it doesnt suit the person wearing it - and vice versa is also true. I kept some cheaper clothes and threw out some expensive ones. 3 - she took clothes that I had hardly ever worn and showed me how to put them together differently to effectively make new outfits. If you ask Nicoletta for advice be prepared for the following: take lots of notes as she'll tell you how to put an outfit together including shoes and accessories - she may well advise you that some things in your wardrobe should never be warn again (at least not by you) - this didn't bother me as I now have 8 items in ebay auctions - going through your wardrobe might be exhausting but it's worth it. How do you know it's worth it? When I wore one of the new combinations that Nicoletta had put together I had more positive comments on the way I looked than I had ever had before.

Sharon W - Head of Professional Development
The colour and style consultation was informative and eye-opening. It allowed me to better understand the meaning of colours and materials as applies to my characteristics. Following this breath-taking experience, we spent half a day shopping, during which, Nicoletta demonstrated her incredible eye for detail, organisation and vision on garment combinations. The consultations improved my confidence, open my eyes on the world of style and permitted me to better adapt to my new environment. I recommend Nicoletta to all those who ask.

IT Consultant (male), London
After struggling with clothes, shopping, fashion, style pretty much all my life, making many expensive mistakes and generally always looking sub-optimal, I decided to try the help of a professional. I found Pinkananas and Nicoletta through general web-searching for an image consultant, and after a successful initial consultation on colour and style, I asked her to accompany me on a day’s shopping. I was particularly anxious about buying clothes for some looming black tie events (where I generally feel like a fish out of water), and for help with casual and work clothes where I really struggle. I absolutely hate shopping for clothes, and was quite curious to see if having Nicoletta to help would make this less of a chore. I couldn’t have begun to imagine the difference that it made. Nicoletta had ‘scouted’ the shops, and had already targeted a variety of clothes at a number of shops before we met. She took me into places that I would just have been hopelessly intimidated by on my own, I tried on clothes that I would just never have picked off the shelves on my own, and pretty much everything I tried on was a great success absolutely making the most of my good and disguising the bad! The dilemma was choosing between various things that all looked good – frankly something I have never had to face before. After one day of shopping I came home with an entire new wardrobe for parties, work and socialising, including shoes and accessories, full of stunning clothes that everyone I know has commented on (another new experience for me). And all of this was done at the height of the Winter sales (which I haven’t braved for years) with incredible discounts on everything I bought – from designer shops to John Lewis. I couldn’t have asked for more from the day, or from Nicoletta’s professional and personal approach to me as a client. I will certainly be back for more.

Debbie Price, Lecturer

For years I have been a very reluctant shopper, often coming home with nothing because I could not find anything that looked good on me and I had no idea when it came to accessorizing. What I wanted help with was to understand what colours and styles suited me best and also advice when shopping. Nicoletta helped me with both areas, the first was a colour and style consultation which was great as she showed me the colours that best suit my skin and hair colour and she was also able to show me the best types of fashion cuts and fabrics that suit my body shape. A few weeks later was a personal shopping session where Nicoletta had researched the best places to shop according to the style consultation and took me to shops I would not have normally considered, in some shops we even managed to get great bargains! I now spend much more time thinking about what I am going to wear each day and the accessories to go with each outfit. Everyone has noticed the difference in me and I feel much more confident. Thank you so much Nicoletta for all your help.

Rebecca, Environmental IT Consultant
Nicoletta was recommended by a PR company which I had worked with. I met her at a time when my career as an analyst in the City was moving to a new level and I was invited to do TV interviews as well as more press meetings and client presentations. I didn’t know what to expect at first but within ½hr of my colour and style consultation my fears disappeared and instead I felt empowered and was delighted to discover that changing little things about the colour combinations and shape of clothes that I wear can make such a difference. I also booked wardrobe and personal shopping sessions. Nicoletta “saved” most of my wardrobe by arranging some alterations and brought back to life clothes I had spent a lot of money on but never knew what to wear them with. During our shopping trip we went into top-brand shops I had never set foot in before and was delighted to find amazing quality at amazing prices. With the new me, a year down the line, my wardrobe is better organised, I always know what to wear for special occasions - with Nicoletta always available at the other end of the phone if need be - and morning panics about “I don’t know what to wear” just don’t happen any more. The change of attitudes at work has been unmistakable; an interesting “side effect” is that I now also get attention from people I used to think of as “unreachable”. Thank you Nicoletta, for helping me be more me, for helping me progress with my career and for helping me create more time for the people and things that I love spending time on.

Analyst (female), City of London
I'm a 23 year old medical student who was tired of wearing baggy jeans, clumpy trainers and printed t-shirts all the time. Nicoletta helped me renovate my wardrobe for a smarter, more sophisticated look, through a wardrobe audit, style consultation and personal shopping trip. I'm really happy with the new clothes and I think I'm going to feel 10 times happier dressing up for dinner, cocktail parties etc. The personal shopping trip allowed me to buy a whole wardrobe in one day and, furthermore, Nicoletta was able to find most of the things I needed at sale prices. I'd definitely recommend anyone who's not happy with the way they present themself contact an image consultant and Nicoletta is a good choice.

John Miller
The truth is, I'd much rather turn up at a client and just "do what I do". But when you work for yourself, and you are your own brand, it's not possible to ignore the fact that the packaging is almost as important as the product. Especially at first. Which is why Nicoletta is the third image consultant I've worked with over the years, and in my humble opinion, by far the best. She's certainly my favourite. Sure, anyone could have (and indeed has) taken one look at me, and my clothes, and realised that there was some room for improvement, but Nicoletta did far more that rejuvenate my wardrobe. Even following her most minor recommendations produced surprising results, and unexpected comments ("you're looking well, Pete - have you changed your glasses, or had a hair cut??"). But I guess the shopping trip, where we put into practice everything we'd learnt from the week before, had the most startling effect. What a transformation! Suddenly I was looking at the real me again, and I feel like I've gone from zero, to hero. Thanks Nicoletta for all your help - looking forward to working with you again in the autumn.

Peter Jones, SoundHaven Limited
For the last 12 months I've been struggling with my 'image'. At the age of 37 I was becoming increasingly frustrated with the high street fashions, which resulted in me avoiding the shops and living with a very dull and sparse wardrobe. In steps Nicoletta. I thoroughly enjoyed my style and colour consultation with her. Discovering that I should be wearing really bright colours was a pleasant surprise and all the other advice about what style of clothes to wear and what accessories was really insightful. Since my session I've had a fabulous new haircut and a renewed enthusiasm for shopping. I will certainly be recommending Pinkananas to my friends.

Jane Wrenn - PR Consultant
I wanted to write to express my thanks for the colour and style analysis we had the other afternoon. The depth of your knowledge is obvious, and you explained everything in a very understandable and enjoyable manner. You were able to give me a renewed ambition to improve my look and style and I will definitely get in touch in future for more advice and perhaps a bit of shopping! Again, thank you for your help.

Dave - Fraud & Risk Consultant
Thanks for speaking to the group last Wednesday. The feedback has been great - everyone seemed to enjoy the session. One of the key reasons we chose Pinkananas was because your image (based on the website) was a little "sharper" and more "modern" than the other websites. Your communications were also professional and clear. Thank you again for your time and for making the session so enjoyable.

Law Firm – London
Thanks Nicoletta, I learned so much from you that will be invaluable when shopping. It also puts an extra zing into shopping because there is a world of new colours to explore! Thanks so much!

Laura Livesey - Company Director
Your comments on my wardrobe and colour scheme were a real eye opener for me! It was enlightening to see how a subtly different colour, a differently tailored jacket or trousers could make such a difference in one's appearance. Thank you. I feel much better for it.

Doris Heil - Journalist
I had a fantastic day with Nicoletta in the January sales. After a morning of style advice and a wardrobe review, we went shopping in Knightsbridge to put it into practice. I bought brands that are usually outside my budget at great prices. The day was really enlightening and I now have a new wardrobe that works well in the legal world, but can be fun in the evenings.

CF (female), lawyer
Thank you very much for a highly professional (and enjoyable) evening on Tuesday. We have received a number of thank you emails from our clients who had a great time and learnt something in the process – which is exactly what we hoped to achieve. Keeping a group like this entertained and engaged for the length of time you did is no mean feat. We appreciated the energy you put into the event. Look forward to working with you again soon.

Helen Lucas - Partner, ECD Insight 
I needed serious help after years of neglecting my wardrobe and Nicoletta has certainly come to the rescue. Seeing so many of my clothes being relegated to the 'never wear again' pile was sobering but also incredibly liberating. And having an expert look at my existing wardrobe made me realise what a terrible state it – and I – was in!

Then came the fun part – Nicoletta took me shopping on a very tight budget and found me some fantastic clothes that make me feel really confident about the way I look. She picked out colours I had never worn but which looked amazing and taught me what shape clothes I should wear to enhance my figure. She also really boosted my confidence about the good bits of my body which was so valuable, and will help me stop focusing solely on the bad bits.

I went out that evening feeling younger, sexier and more stylish than I had done in years. Going shopping with Nicoletta was such a fun – and useful - experience that I know I will go back for more.

Caroline Doughty, Copywriter - Writer On Call

Nicoletta gave me a ruthless but enjoyable day! She consigned most of my clothes to 'never-wear-again-land' in the morning and we spent the afternoon shopping. As a clothes shopping hater, it was a pleasurable experience watching the expert pick out styles and colours I had never looked at before. I have had lots of positive comments since, and am very pleased with the new me!

Ashley Jordan, One Stop Organisers
Nicoletta came in to review my wardrobe before I began my new job at a "high flying law firm". I was very impressed at how much can be done with shirts, ties, and suits. She showed me the combinations and cuts that would look best, and then we even took pictures of which shirts went with which suits and which ties. I now find it so easy to choose what I am going to wear and I have been told I look better than some of the senior partners!

AE (male), Trainee Solicitor
A belated thank you for all your help. I am gradually following all your advice and can see improvement already. I am so pleased I came to see you - it has made life much simpler.

Anne Burgess, Company Director
For a long time I was frustrated whenever I opened my wardrobe - full of clothes that I never wore, that didn't suit me or didn't fit. I would buy clothes but ended up never wearing some of them as I had nothing to match, and the cycle continued.

I contacted Nicoletta and her advice and guidance were invaluable. Not only did she show me which colours suited me most, from clothes to make-up, she gave my wardrobe a make-over and it felt like I had new clothes!

After our shopping trip I now know 'how' to shop and also 'what not to wear'! Nicoletta's experience and excellent taste made the whole experience enjoyable and educational - I will definitely go back to her for every season!

Siobhan, Investment Banking
...just writing to say thank you for your time and advice last week- it was certainly a revelation!

I found the colour analysis very helpful and full of surprises - and no more black, I promise! It was intriguing to see how various colours worked on skin tone to create totally different effects.

The make-up tips also made me reappraise my features and made me realise I'd got stuck in a bit of rut...

The style advice was helpful as you considered the specifics of my body shape in the context of my work and also took account of my personality and taste. You also gave me some great tips on what I should be looking for in a wedding gown, since I've just embarked on the search for The Dress!

Your recommendations on how to emphasise certain features and which designers and stores I should concentrate on was also handy as this should save me many frustrating hours of fruitless shopping. This was a great, fun birthday present which will prove very useful on future shopping trips!

S PhilipsLawyer (female) - N London
Nicoletta from Pinkananas has made all the difference to my wardrobe! I needed smart clothes for summer, so that meant no flip flops and short shorts - and in only one day she gave me all I needed to survive the summer heat and look professional for work - using colours and styles that worked for me. She also taught me how to accessorise, something I didn’t have a clue about before. Because of Nicoletta, I now wear skirts, have a great selection of shoes for all occasion, and I have learned so much which has made my subsequent shopping trips so much more worthwhile! My advice to everyone reading this is to start any new season with a Pinkananas shopping trip.

Keren Lerner, Top Left Design - London
I went to Pinkananas for a colour and style consultation and I found Nicoletta:

Enlightening - I was introduced to colours that I had previously shied away from

Positive - the focusing on physical attributes throughout left me feeling confident about my body and eager to go shopping

Knowledgeable - it is obvious that Nicoletta knows her stuff and enjoys what she does...her enthusiasm is infectious!

Andrea McMahon, Social Services Manager, Isleworth
Nicoletta has been my style lifesaver for almost a year. She has been advising me on fashion trends, searching magazines and shops for the clothes and accessories I need and keeping my wardrobe streamlined and up to date.

She has also educated me in the colours that suit my complexion and in the styles that show my shape at its best. With her taking care of all my style needs, I never have to worry about what to wear to that all important meeting and I never have to worry about the Christmas parties! Nicoletta does that for me.

Not only do I have someone who makes me look well groomed, elegant or cool as the occasion requires, but also I have someone that saves me an enormous amount of time and effort - and that for me is priceless.

Francesca Valli, Company Director - Chrysalis SW11 Ltd. 
Having left corporate life to set up my own business I found that I needed some advice on making my own unique style work for me. I no longer needed to wear the high powered business suits but I still wanted to look smart and professional.

Pinkananas gave me advice on what suited my characteristics and my body shape and also over hauled my wardrobe. I took advantage of a personal shopping trip which was a great experience and resulted in the creation of my own uniquely styled wardrobe that suits both my professional and personal life.

I would highly recommend Pinkananas for a professional, personal and friendly service.

Ursula Kerrigan, Company Director - The People Skills Business, London
Knowing how to dress for my skin tone and body shape has made a huge difference in my life. My confidence level has increased tremendously and it has been a worthwhile investment. Nicoletta's background in the corporate environment has also proved valuable because not only does she perfectly understand my needs as a business woman but adds that certain "je ne sais quoi" that makes me uniquely elegant and stylish.

Arabella De Vere, Market Analyst, London

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