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And some useful tips:


Italians are renowned for their style - but where does it come from?


The answer is they grow up with it: Italy is known as the home of fashion and style and the Italians, both men and women, take that role very seriously.


"You must know how to do La Bella Figura or look the part and act the part - for us it is as important as breathing, eating and drinking!"


So why not take a leaf out of the Italians' book and learn more about it?

  • Some fabrics are only to be worn in certain seasons, i.e. linen is not for winter!
  • Details are a good indicator of your sense of style and elegance: missing buttons, undone hems, scuffed shoes tell more than you wish about you!
  • Good grooming habits are a must if you want people enjoy looking at and being with you: dirty fingernails, greasy hair and bad body odour are signs of disrespect.


And one more thing: cappuccino is only allowed until noon, after that it is strictly espresso!


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