The Power of Image

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Be in control of what your image is communicating to the outside world with our bespoke personal image and brand services. 

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Strengthen your image at work and in the media. Increase your staff and clients awareness of the impact of image in business, with tailored-made educational presentations and workshops. 

The Principle Behind It

The first thing we do each day is to make a decision about our image, consciously or not

Image is about much more than looking good: your image reflects the person that you are. Your image is how others perceive your values and qualities: it is your personal brand and your most important asset


No matter who you are or what you do, the way you appear and present yourself has a major impact on how fulfilled and successful you feel. We all have a brand, whether we are aware of it or not!


What are your answers to the following questions?


- What do people see when I walk into a room?
- Does my image communicate my personal and professional best?
- Are the answers to the above questions an asset or a drawback for me?


Understanding your image is one of the most important steps that you will take in your personal development through life. A positive and confident image will help you be successful in your personal and professional relationships.


The old adage is true: people buy people!

The Evidence Behind It

Today's social and behavioral psychology studies show what Shakespeare knew 400 years ago: Clothes make the man!

“Apparel doth oft proclaim the man”, wrote Shakespeare in Hamlet, immortalising one of the staple common sense wisdoms which lives to this day: Clothes make the man (or the woman).


Social and behavioral psychology studies show that our appearance determines over 55% of the impact that we have on others.


There are numerous examples in everyday life, in television, music, arts, sport, business, politics and even in the royal family, of how image is crucial for the success of brand communication and defines one's success, standing and even earning power! 


The opposite is also true. Poor personal appearance is the most common reason why candidates are turned down at job interviews or not considered for work promotion.


Achieving an effective personal image will boost your morale and confidence, increase your visibility and persuasive power, enhance your opportunities to fulfill your potential in life.


The way you look sends a message: make sure that the message you send is one that reflects your true values, qualities and aspirations! 


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The Power of Image

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