The Wardrobe Consultant



After a Colour and Style Consultation you will begin to understand why you may have so many clothes and nothing to wear!


Nicoletta will show you how to structure your wardrobe in a coordinating and cost-effective way. She will help you streamline it and revamp it.


Together you will graciously say goodbye to unsuitable garments, revive some others that you have unfairly consigned to the bin, and compile a shopping list to fill the gaps and create a flexible and stylish wardrobe that suits your personality and lifestyle. 


The end result will be magical: no more wearing 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time! 

You will enjoy 100% of your clothes 100% of the time!

"You have really inspired me. It’s like ending a bad relationship- you've clung on to something you know drains you and when you let go you feel relief and freedom! You were very kind with me- I felt safe in what is a very exposing but rejuvenating process. I have had since a very successful trip to the shops: shopping was so easy- I simply knew straight away what not to buy- makes it a much more enjoyable experience!"


Lou Hamilton, Filmmaker/ Photographer - Client Testimonials

Useful Tip: A Wardrobe Management session can include a Colour and Style Consultation

Five Benefits of a Wardrobe Management Consultation:

√  No more “I have nothing to wear” mornings!


√  Structure your wardrobe in a coordinated and cost-effective way.


√  Say goodbye to clutter and refresh your look.


√  Enjoy 100% of your clothes 100% of the time!


√  Create a flexible and stylish wardrobe that suits your personality and lifestyle. 

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