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Our Colour and Style Analysis will help you discover which colours and shapes enhance your natural physical attributes, and which detract from them. The psychology of colours and the careful selection of suitable styles, in relation to your personal qualities, is critical to a successful image!

Colour Analysis: The first essential ingredient in the recipe of successful dressing! The right colours impart an overall impression of well-being but the wrong ones can age you or make you look unhealthy. With Colour Analysis you will learn which colours make the most of your natural colouring and how to produce different looks by using colours in different combinations. 


Style Analysis: The second essential ingredient of the Dress for Success recipe! Here you will learn how to dress for your body shape and proportions but also for your personality and lifestyle. 


After an Image Consultation with me, you will be equipped to dress with style and confidence, knowing how to enhance your best points and disguise those little flaws. You will be in control of your image and enjoy the power of change! 

"I learned so much from you that will be invaluable when shopping. It also puts an extra zing into shopping because there is a world of new colours to explore!"


Laura Livesey, Company Director - Client Testimonials


Useful Tip: A Colour & Style Consultation can also be combined with a Wardrobe Management session. 

Five benefits of a Colour & Style Session:

√  Gain confidence in yourself with the expert help of an unbiased specialist personal stylist and brand consultant.

√  Learn the skills of shopping for and styling a successful image best fit for your lifestyle and personality.  

√  Discover which colours and shapes enhance your natural physical attributes, and which can help you to smooth over the rest.

√  Learn how you manage your personal presentation and always look your best in various work and life occasions.

√  A special add-on: you will get your own personal colour swatch and styling notes from your session. 

Build your own personal image service!

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