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Armed with your new skills, shopping becomes fun! It will no longer be the stressful and money wasting exercise it has been in the past, and there will be no more 'bad buys' either. 


However, you may still need a little help to get that result you have been looking for. Do not panic, just call on to your very own personal shopper!


- If you are too busy,

- If you are not sure where to search for those items on your "essentials" list, 

- If you want some expert help finding clothes that are going to spend more time on your body than on your hangers, 


You can opt for the personal shopping service and go shopping with an Italian! 


Nicoletta will do the groundwork to find pieces that will suit your needs and together you can visit your favourite shops or she will take you to explore new ones. 

"For 24 years I absolutely hated shopping and felt that I 'lost' my identity when it comes to clothing. Shopping trips were a necessary nightmare and I often bought clothes which never felt good and didn't compliment my figure. I now love what I wear and the way I look: it's an amazing feeling. Shopping has turned from a horrible and hated experience into a fun and fulfilling activity which is not time consuming at all. Thank you so much - what a difference you made to me and the way I feel about myself!"


Dalia Hartman Bergsagel, Nikken Wellness Consultant - Client Testimonials

Useful Tip: 


Even better - you don't have to stop in London - shopping in Italy is also an option! 

Five Benefits of a Personal Shopping Consultation 


√ Enjoy the VIP personal shopping experience of a lifetime!


√  Save money, time and stress investing in the right clothes for you, rather than the shops.


√  Complete a multi-functional, current, all-weather wardrobe.


√  Discover new opportunities to shop for the best personal styles, colours and brands, customised to your needs.


√  Go shopping with an Italian!

Build your own personal image service!

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