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"You made me feel accepted, more confident and more beautiful and I really appreciated how you understood my character and my needs at a first glance: the advice you gave me makes me feel completely at ease in every situation and this in particular is invaluable for my work."

Chiara Francioli, Interior Designer – London/Florence

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It's what buying clothes should always be like!


You can enjoy this holistic shopping experience in Verona, Nicoletta's hometown and capital of style, music and art, or Milan, Italy's capital of style and business. Nicoletta can either organise a bespoke trip, taking you to your chosen destination and returning to London with you or meet you there during one of her regular visits to Italy. 


The day will be spent visiting the wonderful shops that offer a wide range of Italian brands, many of which are only available in Italy. With Nicoletta's guidance and assistance, you will be sure to purchase beautifully made items that suit you perfectly, to achieve that effortlessly sophisticated look for which Italians are so renowned.


Fully immersed in the Italian perception of style as a way of life, not only will you be able to savour a fabulous shopping experience, but also have a taste of Italian culture and lifestyle, not to mention of the mouth watering food!


For the same amount of money that you would spend in London on Italian designer clothes and accessories, you can buy the same in Italy, with the trip and the expert advice of your very own Italian Image Consultant thrown in! 



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