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Pinkananas is based in London, however Nicoletta travels across and beyond the UK to assist her clients. 



Image Consultation

Beauty is an art for life. Learn how to enhance your natural physical attributes.

Wardrobe Consultation

Nothing to wear? Style is a skill you can acquire in a day and master over a lifetime.

Personal Shopping

We are London-based but we travel internationally to assist our clients.

Shopping In Italy

See The Independent for our advice on How to pose like an Italian!!!

A Cut Above the Rest:

Your Made-to-Measure Stylist!

Do you have to step up the mark for an important occasion? A wedding, a business trip, a media interview, a work review, a client pitch? Are you going through significant changes in your life? Divorce, career change, weight loss, pregnancy, dating again?


You might need to adapt your image to your new circumstances and have an individual package designed to fit your specific situation. All our services are Made-to-Measure for you! 


What clients say:


"Nicoletta was incredibly flexible and helpful - all at the last minute!" 


CW, Director - Czech Republic - Client Testimonials 


The Personal Stylist!

Colour and Style Analysis helps you discover which colours and shapes enhance your natural physical attributes, and which detract from it.


The psychology of colours and the careful selection of suitable styles, in relation to your personal qualities, is critical to a successful image! 


What clients say:


"I learned so much from you that will be invaluable when shopping. It also puts an extra zing into shopping because there is a world of new colours to explore!" 


Laura Livesey, Company Director - Client Testimonials 


Wardrobe Management

After a Colour and Style Consultation you will begin to understand why you may have so many clothes and nothing to wear!


Nicoletta will show you how to structure your wardrobe in a coordinating and cost-effective way. She will help you streamline it and revamp it.


What clients say: 


"You have really inspired me! It’s like ending a bad relationship- you've clung on to something you know drains you and when you let go you feel relief and freedom! You were very kind with me- I felt safe in what is a very exposing but rejuvenating process. I have had since a very successful trip to the shops: shopping was so easy- I simply knew straight away what not to buy- makes it a much more enjoyable experience!"


Lou Hamilton, Filmmaker/ Photographer - Client Testimonials


Personal Shopping

Armed with your new skills, shopping becomes fun! It will no longer be the stressful and money wasting exercise it has been in the past, and there will be no more 'bad buys' either. However, you may still need a little help to get that result you have been looking for. Do not panic, just call on to your very own personal shopper! 


What clients say: 


"For 24 years I absolutely hated shopping and felt that I 'lost' my identity when it comes to clothing. Shopping trips were a necessary nightmare and I often bought clothes which never felt good and didn't compliment my figure. I now love what I wear and the way I look: it's an amazing feeling. Shopping has turned from a horrible and hated experience into a fun and fulfilling activity which is not time consuming at all. Thank you so much - what a difference you made to me and the way I feel about myself!"


Dalia Hartman Bergsagel, Nikken Wellness Consultant - Client Testimonials


Shopping in Italy

This is what buying clothes should be like!


With Nicoletta's guidance and assistance, you will be sure to purchase beautifully made items that suit you perfectly, to achieve that effortlessly sophisticated look for which Italians are so renowned.


Fully immersed in the Italian perception of style as a way of life, not only will you be able to savour a fabulous shopping experience, but also have a taste of Italian culture and lifestyle, not to mention of the cuisine! 


What clients say: 


"You made me feel accepted, more confident and more beautiful and I really appreciated how you understood my character and my needs at a first glance: the advice you gave me makes me feel completely at ease in every situation and this in particular is invaluable for my work." 

Chiara Francioli, Interior Designer – Florence - Client Testimonials


Secrets of Italian Style

The Power of Image

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