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For me style is so much more than wearing the right clothes.


It starts inside the body with the right nutrition and stretches to the environment we create for ourselves. The Latin phrase “healthy mind, healthy body” may spring to mind. That’s my philosophy of life, my circle of success:  if I am and feel healthy and fit, I want to reflect this state of body and mind in the way I dress, my image, my style. I want to ooze that vitality through what I wear and inspire others to do the same, regardless of their age and background.


I was born and raised in Verona - one of Italy's most fashionable cities - and I have been weaned on style since birth. My 'style icon' is, unsurprisingly, my mother. 


Growing up in the 60s and 70s meant living through the most inspiring cultural revolution, particularly in the fashion world. I still remembered the Mary Quant miniskirt when it became an overnight sensation, the Courrege and Pierre Cardin space look, the early flares and platforms.


I remember my mother buying these fashionable clothes for my sister and then getting the material to make the exact copy for me with her own hands. I never learnt her sewing skills, but I learnt how a garment is made, how it is meant to hang on a person, what it should say about them. I didn’t know anything about colours technique in those days, but I learnt a lot about good and bad colour combinations, which I still treasure to this day. Thank you mum!


I have lived in London for over 40 years and travelled extensively in my previous career as a finance executive, working in the UK and internationally. But I never abandoned my true passion, style and fashion. 


Today, I use my lifetime's experience, my passion and natural skills, and my knowledge of different cultures and lifestyles to help clients project confidence and achieve the best possible image of themselves.


Let me now help YOU! 



"Meeting Nicoletta was the best decision I've ever made! She helped me dress appropriately stylish for my age in a feminine and modern way, at the same time conforming to my religious standards. No jumble up of colours or a mishmash of fabrics anymore! It's more than money well spent because you'll make a friend to such a kind-hearted, lovely, and stylish woman."


Reem, Interior Designer - Client Testimonials


THE POWER OF IMAGE - Style tips from Nicoletta Adda

IL POTERE DELL'IMMAGINE - Consigli di stile da Nicoletta Adda

Nicoletta Adda, an Italian image consultant and personal stylist based in London, is a living example of the principles she believes in: style and care for her appearance. For her, style is much more than being well dressed. It start from the inside with the right nutrition and extend to the environment in which we live. The phrase "mens sana, corpore sano", "healthy mind in healthy body", may have been coined for her: Nicoletta exudes health, vitality, physical form and style. Born and raised in Verona - one of the most fashionable cities in Italy - she inherited the sense of style and elegance from her mother. She has lived in London for over thirty years and, in her previous job as financial director in the hotel and aviation sectors, had the opportunity to travel a lot, but her true passion had always been fashion so she decided to change her career and make the most of her talent and life experience. Now she uses her natural abilities and knowledge of different cultures and styles to help her clients project the best possible image of themselves. Nicoletta qualified as a professional image consultant at one of the best academies in the United Kingdom and then founded her own consulting agency in 2003, Pinkananas.


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