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The Ananas, or pineapple, has always been the celebrity amongst fruits. Its rarity, expense, reputation and striking looks made it the ultimate exotic fruit for centuries after its discovery by Christopher Columbus and his sailors in Guadeloupe in 1493.


In early America visiting people in their homes was the main means of entertainment and social interaction, and the display of food was a means of displaying a family's status. A host's ability to have a pineapple crowning the table at an important dining event said as much about their rank as it did about their resourcefulness.


Pinkananas has chosen the pineapple as a symbol because it represents hospitality, wealth and attractiveness:


Hospitality because working on your personal image will automatically draw people to you;


Wealth because your new image will reflect the true richness of your personality;

Attractiveness because you will feel more attractive when you know your image is projecting the real, true, confident you!

And why Pink? Simply because it's my favourite colour!


So take a leaf out of Pinkananas and let your look be the mirror of who you really are!


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